Gardenia (Gardenia Jasminoides)

Gardenia (Gardenia Jasminoides)

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Gardenia is a tropical shrub with beautiful flowers. It has a distinctive sweet smell. Even in ancient Chinese literature, this flower was attributed to magical properties. It is often used in perfumes, such as Calvin Klein or Gucci.


  1. Effective in the treatment of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, ulcerative colitis and intestinal inflammations

  2. It is soothing, improves mood, suppresses anxiety, induces a pleasant feeling of relaxation, helps with insomnia

  3. You can use it for cleaning to clean various surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen

  4. Helps protect against infections caused by E. coli and salmonella, making it ideal for cleaning slicing and kitchen worktops

  5. It reduces oxidative stress and cleanses the body of toxins

  6. It awakens passion

  7. Activates skin cell renewal

  8. Nourishes hair follicles, hair is firm and healthy

  9. For the treatment of minor wounds and burns

  10. It relieves cellulite and softens the skin

Use in ayurvedic medicine

Recommended for Kapha and Vata types that protect against digestive problems and infections. Reduces heat and humidity.

Use in chinese medicine

Gardenia is one of the most used herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. It is used to treat diseases that arise from excessive heat in the body, cools the blood. It enters meridians of the heart, lungs and stomach.


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3 drops of essential oil into water in the scented lamp or your popular diffuser. To intensify the effects, you can swivel your bath towel over your head and lean over the rising scent. We recommend this procedure for breathing problems or facial skin problems

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To awaken the passion, add a few drops of gardenia to the massage oil.

Packaging: amber glass bottle with dropper (volume based on selected variant if applicable)


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Safety card
Diluted on skin
Undiluted on skin
Internal use
Kids friendly
Botanical name
  • Gardenia Jasminoides
  • Constituents
  • Ethyl Bonzoate 40.29, Methyl Benzoate 16.55
  • Type
  • Essential oil
  • Extraction
  • Solvent Extraction (Absolute)
  • Origin
  • India
  • Produced in
  • India
  • Parts used
  • Flowers
  • Odor
  • Sweet Floral smell
  • Color
  • Golden Yellow Liquid
  • Shelf life
  • 2 years
  • Quality:
  • 100% natural, not diluted and not adulterated essentail oil. It does not contain any other chemical or carrier oil
  • Gravity
  • 1.007 - 1.03650.943 - 0.988
  • Gravity
  • 1.02510.959
  • Refractive
  • 1.498 - 1.50321.482 - 1.522
  • Refractive
  • 1.50271.494
  • Optical
  • N/AN/A
  • Optical
  • N/AN/A
  • Solubility
  • Soluble in Alcohol Insoluble in water
  • Toxicology
  • No traces of E.col, S.typhii, Saureus or alfatoxins (B1,B2,G1,G2)